The 25 Worst Web Sites… Guess who is No. 1?

PC World put out its top 25 Wort Sites ever. Many date back to the early era where online scams and ill-conceived sites were the norm. However, their No. 1 pick happens to be one of today’s most popular sites in the world… and I couldn’t agree with this pick more. Despite the site’s success, it is one of the most poorly designed, cumbersome and unsafe sites I have ever come across. Based on their incredible success to date, I don’t think the owners give a rat’s ass what I think. But it does keep the door wide open for an emerging player if they don’t get their act together. You want to know who it is? Click here


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4 responses to “The 25 Worst Web Sites… Guess who is No. 1?

  1. I knew it would be MySpace!! Personally, though, I’m not sure why the site gets such a bad rap. I’m no HTML guru or anything, so I’m speaking just as a user. While it’s certainly not fantastic, I think it’s ok.

  2. Hi Rajan

    I guess that was the most difficult list to put together.

    Among horribles websites out there, to pick only 25 is one hell of a job.

    See you

  3. I agree – must have been really tough! It was interesting going back down memory lane to see some of the ones they pulled out from the 90’s.

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