Think Different – My Favorite Ad Campaign


Apple‘s “Think Different” campaign is still my favorite and most memorable. I remember the first time I saw it was in a movie theater during the trailers. It was the one featuring Muhammad Ali. It was a captivating black-and-white montage of this legend who changed the sport of boxing forever. The documentary-style commercial built up to the final grammatically incorrect punch line “Think Different.” It gave me goosebumps. It still does. The campaign features others like Gandhi, Einstein, and Rosa Parks who have challenged convention with radical thinking and action that have deeply changed the world forever. Leveraging the powerful feelings associated with these people and applying them to the Apple brand was ingenious and stills stand in my books as the best campaign of all time.




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2 responses to “Think Different – My Favorite Ad Campaign

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  2. prasanta kumar lenka

    “think different “is a very good adds value to the also touch the heart of the consumer.add tell something different from others.

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