Practical tips for executives for balanced living

Azim Jamal is a very passionate motivational speaker and best-selling author who absolutely loves what he does. Discovering what he is passionate about came during a soul-stirring experience while volunteering in the developing world. Overcome by the plight of homeless refugees in war-torn areas of the world, he vowed to make a difference in people’s lives. He made his life-changing career from “accounting for business” to “accounting for life”.

When I first saw him in action at an event, I was floored. You couldn’t help but be captured by his enthusiasm and passion – almost evangelical, but in a good way. We’ve since become good friends and I always enjoy his views on living life to the fullest and tapping in to your full potential. He has put together some practical tips for balanced living from his book 7 Steps to Lasting Happiness we can all use in our busy lives. These include:

  • Preparing a family mission statement with all members
  • Eat with your family once a day, use a weekly time budget
  • Do the 20:20:20 (20 min meditation, 20 min exercise and 20 min reading) in the early morning and tackle the big stuff first
  • Prepare a weekly time budget of where you want to spend your time
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