Why Speaking is Better than a Testimonial

microphone.jpgJay Conrad Levinson and Michael W. McLaughlinGuerilla Marketing for Consultants, discuss the importance of embracing public speaking to market yourself and your services. The demand for speakers willing to share their story to an audience is huge – from keynotes to seminars. The authors sited research that showed a demonstration is 50% more effective in selling than the most glowing testimonial. The audience gains more insight in to you as a person and the services you represent, and connect far more with what you have to say. Emotion and passion is contagious and if you have both when it comes to your business or expertise, you’re better off letting everyone know it!

The first time I was asked to speak on the topic of marketing, I was quite reluctant. I didn’t see myself as a polished public speaker, did not take a single toastmasters class, and didn’t think I had the kahunas to speak on stage in front of 150 people. I found the jam and said “yes”. It turned out be one of the best and most rewarding experiences. What I learned was that my natural passion for marketing and branding carried me right through the presentation. After 5 minutes in to it, I slipped my notes away under the podium and just went with it from my head for the next 40. It is something special when you can see and feel your audience connect with what you have to say. I also realized how many people were looking for the information and help I was providing. Afterwards, I was approached personally by many of the audience members thanking me for the talk, asking about my services, and wanting to stay in contact. Since that first time, I’ve participated in several speaking engagements and panel discussions and I can’t think of one that I didn’t find worthwhile.

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