The Stumbled Upon Effect: Final Result

rajan_blogstats_3.gifWell, what a day. The final results are in: 1,405 page views today, largely as a result of my post on the Vodka machine gun getting picked up on Stumble! You can see from the graph that getting on Stumble jumped this blog’s page views 1000% over my previous best (and modest) page view day. It also ranked this site as the No.2 fastest growing site, and No.14 top site for the day.


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5 responses to “The Stumbled Upon Effect: Final Result

  1. This is amazing – by one article having this much traffic – to have a strategy where you hit this view figure regulary and consistently will mean that if you are setting a business up – it wil have a great chance of working. I guess one of the question is how did they find your article and how to do it again.

  2. I’ve helped a site get lots of traffic via (unplanned) viral marketting before. You can read about it here.

    Whether or not this turns into long term customers really depends on whether or not the traffic you are directing towards the site is people who would use your service.

    IE: if you’re marketting something that has to do with optimizing effective use of time, getting on a website like or will do much more for you in the long term then getting on the front page of digg and

  3. Yes engtech, I agree with your assessment. Simply driving volumes of unqualifed traffic won’t translate in to strong conversion. In this case, the number of visitors to the site through StumbleUpon and subsequent forums where the link was posted, drove up the number of people who subscribed to the RSS feed. But getting on to StumbleUpon cannot be reliable from a business standpoint in converting qualified leads consistently. One side benefit was the traffic drove up the ranking of this site, and subsequently made it easier for people interested in marketing and branding to find this site.

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  5. Sounds like a viable resource. I’ve written quite a few articles and submitted them to places like Ezine Articles and GoArticles and have yet to get the kind of traffic you’re getting.


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