The Disruptors: Netvibes Takes on the Heavyweights

NetvibesGreat read in Business 2.0 entitled “The Disruptors” about 11 companies with 11 big ideas that will change everything. One such company is Netvibes founded by Tariq Krim. Netvibes provides free, highly customizable web start pages with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. You can have all your emails, news, RSS feeds, weather, and photos in one portal that you completely customize the way you like. Netvibes also doesn’t accept typical web ads, something Tariq humorously refers to as “Advertising 1.0”. Rather, he is seeking partner companies that will offer sponsored services. His reasoning is it is all about the user’s experience and loyalty. He must be doing something right – Netvibes has already attracted millions of users from over 100 countries, and has the likes of Google, MyYahoo, and MSN peeking over their shoulders. After reading the article, the first thing I did was sign up to Netvibes to give it a try. How is it? Let’s just say that I have a new home page on my browser and I’m telling everyone who will listen to switch theirs.


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