88 Tips To Save Money

88 tips for saving money, in a number of categories including personal finance, food, home, electronics, etc. You will likely not agree with a few them (okay, maybe a lot of them), but there are some good tidbits here. This is one I won’t be doing any time soon (in addition to growing my own chickens):

(40) Stretch your ground beef with ground cherries.
Sounds a bit extreme, but a study done in the late 1970s or early 80s shows that ground cherries nicely complement ground beef, and most people in a survey could not tell they were there. Cherries are nutritious besides. Of course, cherries can be expensive (unless you have your own cherry tree, as I mentioned above), and take time to pit and grind. Find other ways to stretch ground beef, other than the standard way of using breadcrumbs and egg.

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