My Rant is Nothing to Yahoo! About

It’s amazing how quickly things change on the net. Yahoo! the once maverick symbol of Internet supremacy, is now playing catch up to Google. And they are WAY behind. Yahoo! has been amazingly slow to leverage their audience and provide innovations like highly customizable home pages as or super secure email like Google’s Gmail. Now they’ve completely missed the boat with Web 2.0, watching the No.1 search engine gobble up the No.1 online video site. What gives? I know there are on and off again talks about Yahoo! acquiring, but this can be seen as a simple “me-too” move to keep up with the Joneses… or the Googles. Watch Yahoo!’s advertising revenues get eroded in quick order by Google and

Yahoo! has quickly lost its lustre and rightfully so. I have a Yahoo! email account – have had it from almost the time they first came online. Only recently have they introduced a beta version that provides some improved flexibility in managing my mail. I still get spammed to death. And I’ve never cared for their myYahoo start page. Switching to Gmail seems to be the thing to do and I know I’m not alone. I’ve already replaced my start page with Netvibes. I stopped using Yahoo!’s search engine years ago. Once I phase out my @yahoo email account, I won’t have much more to Yahoo! about.

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One response to “My Rant is Nothing to Yahoo! About

  1. annoxero

    well actually Yahoo won the PC World’s best Web company of year for 2006, here’s an excerpt from the site :

    “Yahoo has progressed far beyond being a mere search engine; it has emerged as the number-one online developer, on the strength of great revamps of Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Maps , smart acquisitions of Web stars such as and Flickr , and development of the Yahoo 360 personalized Web spaces and of the Yahoo Music Engine . Google may get a lot more attention, but Yahoo has been getting more things accomplished.

    So they also have quite good things, Flick and for example (which they bought recently, but like you said there’s no giving credits to Yahoo for that coz they didn’t invent that).

    Not that I’m a Yahoo! fan, i like google better myselves, most of thier things except probably Orkut are good.

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