ALS Sufferer Journeys to China for Rare Surgery of Hope

Almost one year ago, Lyle Merner received the type of news that no one should ever receive. At the young age of 38, this dedicated family man was diagnosed with ALS, or better known as Lou Gehrrig’s Disease. Since then, this disease has been progressing through his limbs and he now must rely on motorized equipment and people to move about. He is now leaving October 19th to China for a rare surgery that may provide a ray of hope. The hosptial he will be visiting is called Neuro-Regeneration, Repair and Functional Recovery and is located in Beijing. Lyle will be blogging about his experiences and progress during his time there. After surgery, he will be in post-care for one month. His story is both tearful and inspiring. I encourage you to follow his blog and help spread the awareness of ALS, a disease that can effect anyone at any age, as there is no understood cause or cure.

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