Advertising Has No Future, Says the Ad Agency CEO

Interesting post on Digg: “the future of advertising is that there isn’t any. Yes, that’s coming from an agency, which created memorable ads for clients like Burger King, Volkswagen and Miller Brewing. Google and Starbucks both don’t use much traditional media to get their message across, he said. But that’s because their marketing is embedded in the brand.”

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3 responses to “Advertising Has No Future, Says the Ad Agency CEO

  1. Rajan,

    They have been saying that advertising will die for years now. I remember when the book “The Fall of Advertising” first came out some years back; and I can’t help but notice that advertising is still a strong, growing channel.

    – michael brito

  2. I think the article targets more traditional advertising channels which is losing more and more ground to viral marketing and the Internet. Allowing customers to engage and “mess around” with the brand as he describes the Burger King subservient chicken idea, and to offer more content that customers value is taking more prominence over increasing advertising spends. But I do agree there will always be a role for advertising – especially when used to reinforce brand beliefs amongst consumers.

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