A Sales Force Full of Customers

Joanna L. Krotz writes about how to turn your customer base into a highly effective sales force. Leveraging word-of-mouth and third-party endorsements always generates more response to your products and services. Joanna advises on how to develop a referral program, elevate your profile, and choose smart, strategic partners:

The most effective sales team you’ll ever find is enthusiastic
customers. The reason is simple enough: Customers aren’t paid to
praise. When a customer becomes a passionate believer in your brand, it
means you truly earned it. Whenever they buy your product or service,
customers feel like special club members or rebels for your cause.

But a repeat customer alone doesn’t create a sales team. The trick is
to transform that dedicated buyer into a missionary who spreads the
word and converts friends, family and associates into customers, too.
By building great word-of-mouth, you nurture an all-volunteer sales
force that generates leads, boosts sales and leverages marketing
dollars. Here are three basic ways to persuade people to talk up your
business story. As you develop the customer sales force, you’ll find
other options suited to your business.

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