Revolutionary Pen-Size Computer Uses Bluetooth Technology

A revolutionary new miniature computer is being worked on in Japan that comes in the shape of a pen that you can slip in to your pocket. It projects a monitor and keyboard on any flat surface that you can begin using like any regular PC computer. With its Bluetooth technology, it recognizes your key-presses and inputs as per usual. See the photos below. I’m trying to find out more about it and when it is expected to be available to the masses. Stay tuned!

Pen-size Computer




computer_f.jpg computer_a.jpg


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  2. Debunker


    This has been going the rounds for a long time and is debunked on Snopes:

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  4. Any idea about prices, even a guess?

  5. Andres

    I always lose my pens…

  6. Super Cool… great for travel. Cant be used on a bus, though…

  7. This is actually a 3-year-old concept that came out of NEC’s design lab, similar to how concept cars are created by auto manufacturers.

  8. Thanks TechSoEasy and Debunker for shedding some more light on the origins of this product. It would be interesting to know if this concept has moved any further since introduced by NEC. Everything that it hopes to do seems, to my unqualified eye, quite feasible today. Either way, it’s a great concept!

  9. Well, everything about it may be possible… except power. For it to actually project a viewable image as well as provide reasonable processing power, there isn’t a battery that currently exists which is small enough to allow the thing to operate for more than a couple of minutes at best.

    Batteries definitely are getting smaller, as are processors and memory, but we’re still not going to see something this small for some time yet. For now, this is about the smallest you’ll find:

  10. Niiccce, how much tbh?

  11. kritika srivastava

    this is kritika. this technique is fantastic. plz provide me complete information abt this great pen sized computer b’coz i wanna give seminar on this topic to let more n more people know abt it. plz send me as soon as possible.

  12. Hi Kritika, this is a concept by NEC’s design labs. You can read about it here:

  13. WOW! what an incredible invention, the only problem i can think of with these things getting smaller all the time is that it also makes them much easier to lose or be stolen.

  14. Glenn G. Walsh

    I want one & I want to sell them here in America !!!
    Everyone will want that little product….it’s amazing …Glenn

  15. Koreen Damelio

    Yes, glenn, I want to sell those computer pens and become a millionaire,too.

  16. BB

    Clarification: Snopes calls “partially true”, not de-bunked. No existing prototype as of 2005. The Snopes is worth reading.
    My kids will have one.

  17. Sanu

    Cool invention. Really will help, but lets see when it comes out physically in the world

  18. mitesh

    this technique is fantastic. plz provide me complete information abt this great pen sized computer b’coz i wanna give seminar on this topic to let more n more people know abt it. plz send me as soon as possible.

  19. this technology is very good to keep it very easily with us anywhere. I am very happy to know that this is forthcoming thing and i hope that i will see this item and one day puchase it.

    Rakesh Kumar

  20. Sanket

    This is a great achievement. its like redefining the meaning of technology. I want to go in-depth of technology used for developing it. Please provide me information about it.

  21. de fryk

    wot a comp…. how much is it???

  22. holmantibbet

    Amazing technology. It has the ability to project a screen onto thin air.

  23. Justin

    IT COSTS $20,000 Dollars U.S.

  24. Fran

    MANnn..i want one…how much is it?..too rich for my blood no doubt

  25. it is really intresting .pls sent detaild information abt this bcoz next week i hav a seminar

  26. Ian

    Wow this has huge potential.
    Add to that some of the functionality of the livescribe and you have a downright dream machine.

  27. Some business ideas are great like the post you make. How much is the tbh anyway?

  28. sam

    how much memory and such there are no details about it

  29. rache

    pls send me more info about this!

  30. Trey

    I don’t see how the keyboard would work. Your fingers are going to be getting in the way of the projection, and…how can it tell when you’re “pressing down” or if your hand is just passing thru the laser. The rest of it seems like a good idea, but I think the keyboard part of it needs to be re-evaluated. I really don’t see how it would work.

  31. Rawan Alwan

    Plzz im really exited about that… And i have a seminar this week..soo plz could u send me the full information about that plz..cause i want to present it…

  32. rawan alwan

    ii plz could u send me information about that..



  34. Sean

    hey nice but one problem wat a bout a USB port and the mouse even with out those it is neat.

  35. Naveed Zakir

    OH! it’s a great achievement. I would really appreciate the efforts. Now no need to carrey huge bags, I can travel, walk any where I want with free hands, and just keep a PEN in my pocket and my all informations, Data and Presentations are with me all the time. Thank You… guys superb job… but i just thinking It’s through bluetooth… is there any security risk involve?

  36. leen

    WOW…..Does anyone have the design of the product…????? cuz this link cannot be found.(
    if anyone of you have it can you send it to…… im doind a project about it.!!!

  37. Ali

    This is a very good technology from Japan. I love it and I want one, but please tell me what it’s price is.
    From Pakistan

  38. Iyyappan

    Really cool. Is it available on the market?

  39. Zahid Hussain

    Any idea how much will it cost?

  40. Zahid Hussain

    Any idea how much will it cost? besides i think Trey’s (April 10, 2008 at 12:44 p) comments are quite interesting and i would really like to know the answer to it. Some people have also raised questions about accessories i.e. usb and mouse, one can also ask about headphone/speaker or microphone etc.

  41. venkatesh murthy

    this is the great technique , plz provide me more informations about this as soon as possible because i giving seminar abt this in our college.

    we awaiting for your informations about pen sized computer.

  42. aya

    nice invention

  43. Deadeyenyc

    November 27, 2006…11:10 p
    Revolutionary Pen-Size Computer Uses Bluetooth Technology


  44. wolfeeyy

    well pocket protectors will be in style for the first time 🙂

  45. hi! congrats nd of course a lt of thnx 2 one who thought of such an’s really nice. but i wanna ask abt its wrkng.hw it’s keyboards r workng?is dat any special table or any othr technology.plz rply soon