The Perfect Gift for a Valued Client

GiftThe perfect gift for a good client starts and ends with something thoughtful. What that costs is up to you, but it doesn’t have to be extravagant – again just thoughtful. YouTube has been a client of ServerBeach from almost the get go. After a year of hosting with ServerBeach (and prior to its billion dollar acquisition by Google), my colleague and head of ServerBeach, Robert Miggins wanted to give Steve Chen and the gang at YouTube a “thank you” gift, but struggled with what the perfect gift would be. It wasn’t until after a trip to YouTube’s offices in San Mateo CA that he discovered it. Sitting in their boardroom for a meeting, Robert noticed they were working off a small whiteboard hanging on the wall. It was covered in felt on almost every square inch. The whiteboard, he learned, was used ritually by management and staff for daily planning and strategy sessions. After returning back home to San Antonio TX, Robert and the ServerBeach team did a pow wow and came up with this idea: have a large-size whiteboard delivered to YouTube’s boardroom, along with an installer who would remove the old one and install the new one all in one sweep. And they did just that. The gift caught everyone at YouTube by surprise, and was extremely well received. It didn’t require ServerBeach branding on it for staff to appreciate who gave it. Thoughtful, practical and unique.

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