The Power of Giving

Power of Giving BookMy good friend Azim Jamal has donated his time and knowledge, along with Harvey McKinnon to write an inspiring best-selling book called The Power of Giving. 100% of profits from book sales go directly to non-profit organizations through Tides Canada Foundation. Up until recently, the book was available on the site as a free download that could be sent virally by you to anyone else through the net… a great way to spread the message and “give” the gift of giving. 30,000 free downloads of the book thus far and a top 5 best seller on Amazon. Azim and Harvey are currently in negotiations with a large US publisher who has expressed interest in getting behind the book to dramatically increase the distribution, media coverage, and money raised by reaching millions worldwide. As a result, the book is temporarily not available for download until the negotiations are completed. However, you can still purchase the book and inform others of the book through their site. Costs only $12.95 US and makes a great stocking stuffer!

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