Stand for Something or You Stand for Nothing

Car Logos

When evaluating your brand, ask the question, “What does your brand stand for?” It has to stand for something or it stands for nothing. BMW is known for high performance, Mercedes is known for luxury, and Volvo is known for safety. Not to say that any of these car brands don’t offer comparable performance, luxury or safety but each can only be known for one thing to make their brand truly meaningful to consumers. Let’s face it, we’re a finicky bunch and we like things defined and categorized for us to make buying easier. That’s why it’s imperative your brand stands for only ONE thing – one that you can hang your hat on over time. Most business owners are afraid to stand for only one thing – they feel the need to offer up a smorgesboard of things their good at like “we offer great service, and great quality, and excellent support, and better prices, and blah, blah, blah”. Ask the next person, and they’re likely to say the same thing. If you offer the best customer service in your industry and that is what you want to be known for, you better have a unique way of delivering it and following through with it that makes customers rave about you. Otherwise, excellent customer service is a given – it’s a basic expectation of today’s consumers who have a multitude of choices. The same goes for quality. Aligning your brand with your single, strongest core competency that makes you unique, and reinforcing it with a value proposition that makes it hard to ignore, is key to creating effective brand meaning.


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4 responses to “Stand for Something or You Stand for Nothing

  1. Excellent points. This is usually called “positioning”…. A product or service must define the category it is in, to whom it appeals, and its point of difference. So, in the case of BMW, it might go something like: “For luxury car enthusiasts, BMW is the only car brand that focuses on high performance.

    Keep up the blog!
    Rich Saletan

  2. It’s a good one to remember for smaller companies, never try to be a jack of all trades be a master of one.

    And its good for that to follow through in the branding and marketing message.

    Thanks for the reminder and the useful examples.

  3. Mano Paul

    Wonderful post with excellent examples. Like all the stuff you write.
    Thank you

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