Digg or StumbleUpon? Which is Better for Driving Traffic

Interesting post on Blogging Explorer – The Blog Bible HMTK Blog that reports results from a blog post submitted to three different social bookmarking sites Digg, StumbleUpon, and Netscape. Digg proved to bring in the intial bulk of traffic, but StumbleUpon proved to drive more sustained traffic over time. In my case, StumbleUpon dramatically increased the traffic to my site for these two posts:

  1. Product Packaging That Packs a Punch
  2. Revolutionary Pen-Size Computer Uses Bluetooth Technology

I covered the results of StumbleUpon on the “Product Packaging…” post here and here. A very effective ways of getting your blog in front of a wider audience.


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10 responses to “Digg or StumbleUpon? Which is Better for Driving Traffic

  1. This looks like a promising portal! I’m going to publish some content on Stumble, and see if we can exhibit the same ongoing traffic retention.

    BTW: Excellent blog; I love the unique, interesting content!

  2. Lloyd, thanks for setting the link straight. It also looks like the Blog Bible has been removed for TOS violations.

  3. Now that the plagiarists blog has been removed can you either remove the link to him or fix it to point to the original story on my blog? Thank you.

  4. IMO stumbleupon is better than Digg.I agree from digg we get a lot of high traffic but I think that i not good. You should get regular and consistent targeted traffic.

  5. Hi HMTKSteve – thanks to you and Lloyd for letting me know about the link violation by The Blog Bible. I’ve corrected the link. Cheers.

  6. Rajan – do you not find there is a difference in the demographic of say Digg vs. Stumbleupon?

  7. Hi Dave F. – I do notice a difference. Although StumbleUpon has generated more overall traffic to some of my posts, my sense is the audience is a much broader demographic who isn’t so much interested in great insight, but what’s cool, trendy, bizarre, or unique. Digg tends to have an audience that is more driven by rich content and the latest news.

  8. I preffer StumbleUpon….

  9. >>Digg tends to have an audience that is more driven by rich content and the latest news.

    I agree with you Rajan, Digg is driven my news and events.

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