Create Better Sales Collaterals

Informative article by Jonathan Kranz at who offers up 6 ways to prepare better collateral for sales teams. Click here for original.

Ah, sales and marketing. They’re like two siblings fighting in the
back seat while mom, pop—or a company executive—drives the car.

I don’t know how to stop all this bickering (and as a battle-weary
father myself, I’m not interested in “who started it”), but I can
suggest a few ways my brothers and sisters on the marketing side can
ease the tension by better serving their sales brethren with more
productive collateral.

1. Make them responsible for defining the target

We’ve all been through this: After months of hard labor, your
campaign has generated leads that now sit, undisturbed, under the sales
guy’s fantasy football crib sheet. You’re angry because he’s not
leveraging the leads you worked so hard to get. His defense? They’re
“bad” leads not worth pursuing.

You can both stop this fight before it even begins. Bring the sales team to the table to define exactly
what a qualified lead should be. Include factors such as industry,
region, company size, titles, budgets, purchasing time-frame, etc. Your
goal? A precise target to which you’ll aim your lead-generation
campaigns and your collateral systems—their formats and content. You’ll have a better idea of what to write because you’ll know who you’re writing for.

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2 responses to “Create Better Sales Collaterals

  1. Chris Hoskin

    Great Post.

    I’ve found that the marketing teams I’ve worked with have originally tended to involve sales folk at the wrong end of the process, the end. Checking, verifying, proof-reading.

    Of course the best thing is to involve sales folk at the front end of the process – at the concept, ideas stage.

    The result? Agreement in direction, buy-in, clarity. And off course freedom to execute.


  2. Good post…I would also throw in that business owners should consider a mix of media. Print is still important but people like video and multimedia. If you leverage the web as a delivery platform, the cost/use decreases with every view of the media.

    Give people the right information at the right time and in their format of choice. Just my thoughts.


    John Easton

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