The Mother of All Motherboards

ServerBeach Motherboard Sign

Darren Fransella, IT manager of ServerBeach looked at the stacks of used motherboards dating back to the company’s inception that were sitting in storage, and something caught his eye – a red motherboard. He thought to himself, “This would make a great background for the company’s hurricane logo.” At around the same time, the Beach staff was moving into their new digs in San Antonio, TX that included a large interior wall that needed some branding. The staff got their creative juices flowing and soon after they gave rise to the mother of all motherboards – a 25 ft x 4 ft company sign using 145 boards from three different styles. It took Darren and product developer Joe Rodriguez Jr., 12 hours on a Saturday to install the sign, one motherboard at a time, using two screws in each board, then hot gluing the lettering afterwards. Pretty cool, and even more impressive in person! There is nothing like having passionate employees, and the Beach is just loaded with them. We see it reflected in the customer base as well. The Beach achieved a net referral score of 40 (calculated as promoters less detractors) in the last customer survey, which puts the company in the top quarter of North American companies, according to the Bantam Group, Inc. The likelihood of current customers to refer others to ServerBeach is extremely high. Not surprising, after you read any of Ken Blanchard’s books like “Raving Fans” and “Gung Ho!” – passionate employees always leads to passionate customers.


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6 responses to “The Mother of All Motherboards

  1. Chris IAD2


  2. Shelisa

    Looks great! Very creative.

  3. Willy Will

    Neat! Looks like a cool place to work!

  4. Jane

    Darren…it looks awesome! Great Job.

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  6. Good site! Bookmarked!

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