More Retired People Surfing Over Gardening

Silver SurferAn eye-opening study that contradicts so many pre-conceptions that the older generation isn’t net savvy. E-consultancy refers to the AXA report which found that retired people are browsing the Internet rather then the traditional pastimes of gardening and do-it-yourself activities. Humorously referred to as “silver surfers”, these users were studied in 11 countries, with results showing that users in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada using the Internet more than six hours a week. 41% of pensioners listed browsing as their favorite pastime, while four in ten are regular e-shoppers. See other findings


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2 responses to “More Retired People Surfing Over Gardening

  1. Sorry, had to laugh at this. My folks don’t even know what a computer looks like!
    Seriously though, I do think it a bit sad that in your twilight years, glued to a TV or a computer is that appealing?
    There are some compensations to be had maybe, you can earn some extra money with a bit of hard work (the non energetic kind!), so I guess there is some logic to it.

  2. I’ve seen this stats before. It’s all about having the time and money to spend online. These folks are becoming more comfortable with the computer and Internet.

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