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I was a guest on Scott Draughon’s radio show that streamed live yesterday over the net and will rerun on the weekend on KQKE 960 AM in Silicon Valley. Scott was covering the Massive Technology Show in Vancouver, Canada taking place March 28th. PEER 1 is the title sponsor for the third consecutive year, and the organizers are anticipating over 5,000 attendees during the one day event. Massive is one of the better industry events and a true celebration of technology. If you have an opportunity to attend it, I highly recommend you do. A good speaker line up this year as well. The radio program ran with the following guests (in order):

Click here to listen


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2 responses to “Radio Interview with

  1. Rajan,

    Great interview, I really enjoyed your PEER 1 run down – also yours, and others feature on the Massive / Vancouver technical community.

    Tony (Lower Mainland, BC)

  2. Thanks Tony. Let me know if you would like to attend Massive. I have some free passes.

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