Super Bowl Ads Mistakenly Forget Women

Gerry Myers at provides an insightful female perspective on the million dollar ads aired during Super Bowl XLI. Although women today make 80% of all purchases, this segment is largely ignored by advertisers, especially during events like the Super Bowl where most ads target men, presumably because it’s seen as primarily a sporting event. This may be true for regular season NFL football games, but the Super Bowl has become much, much more than a sporting event. It’s a show. One that is seen on a massive world stage by millions upon millions of people. And many of them are women. Ads that either ignore or alienate this demographic, haven’t done their research and are doing a disservice to their products. You can read the full article below:

While I think the Super Bowl is an excellent venue to reach both men and women, spending $2.6 million to reach only half the audience seems ridiculous to me. But that is what a lot of companies did when they created their ads for Super Bowl XLI.

I find that many men watch the big game and see the commercials, while women often watch the commercials and see the game.

Let’s review. Women make 80 percent of all purchases. They buy more electronic equipment, vehicles, and home-improvement products than men do. Women hold nearly 50 percent of all jobs, and in dual income families more than 30 percent out-earn their husbands. They control considerable sums of money and spend it for a variety of products, services, investments, and household expenditures.

Nevertheless, many advertisers not only create ads that will appeal only to men but also insist on showcasing ones that will actually turn women off.

While many of my articles cite statistical data, experts, and research studies, this one is based solely on my reaction, as a woman, to the commercials I saw during the Super Bowl. My disclaimer for this article is that I am not an ad critic by profession and don’t profess to be. Still, knowing what women want and like is my business. I do understand what appeals to women, what will lose the sale with women, and what is OK but not great.

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4 responses to “Super Bowl Ads Mistakenly Forget Women

  1. Thanks for providing the information.

  2. Interestin!
    i’ve been a regular reader, but this is my first comment…
    and all i’ve got to say is… WOW!

  3. Mark Timms is not telling the truth about his company or his Superbowl commercial

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