Latency Kills at Game Developers Conference Today

Latency KillsWe have a 10ft booth at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in San Francisco CA today. The expo started yesterday and ends tomorrow. Over 12,500 people are expected to walk through the event. Our “Latency Kills” campaign has been a big hit! We’ve given away 500 t-shirts and 1000 bumper stickers, and applied countless tattoos (temporary of course) on some very interesting places. Rather than spend more money on extra booth space, we put it into producing t-shirts, stickers and tattoos. We’re giving away an iPod at the end of each day and people must be wearing their shirt to qualify. Now we have a mass of walking billboards in and around the expo which is creating some great buzz. You can see some pics at the link here and from last year here.

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  1. I’m glad to see the t-shirt giveaway catching on in other markets. We started doing it in 2003 for education shows with a software company I worked for and people loved it! We hit an all time record back in 2004 when over 73% of all registered attendees came through our 10×20 booth!

    We also had a “prize squad” that would run out on the show floor at fixed times and locations and randomly pick a winner wearing the t-shirt. They would have all types of noisemakers and sometimes the winner would be standing in front of a competitor’s booth….oops! 😉

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