How to Write a Powerful Case Study

A thoughtful case study can be a very powerful pre-sale tool. It allows a prospect to gain insight on how you can solve their problems by learning how you have helped another. The key word here is insight. Mark Levy on provides a very good guide on how to write an insight-based case study that will help you establish credibility and comfort in a prospective customer. You can read the article below or click here.

Case studies are like condensed action films – full of characters, plot, and conflict – in which, thanks to your help, the clients get what they want.

Part of a case study’s persuasive power comes from its energy. It should be exciting to tell and hear. Many of us, though, bore with ours. The reason? We use the standard problem-solution-result formula�and fumble “the solution” part.

We talk at length about our solution’s features, including the research we conducted, the groups we facilitated, the programs we devised, and the hardware we installed. Reciting heavy-duty detail about this kind of process-stuff is monotonous and makes us sound like a million other companies with comparable products and services. If heaping attention on features brings yawns, what draws people in? Insight does. Focus on the insight that solved your client’s problem, and your audience will hang on your words.

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5 responses to “How to Write a Powerful Case Study

  1. Thanks Rajan for bringing this article to my attention, some great ideas here, so many times case studies are flat and uncompelling – I’m happy to pass this along to my readers.

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  4. I really appreciated this post. It’s making me go back and look at my case studies in a little more depth. Thanks.

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