30-second Ad Spots that Cost $50

Interesting story in Business 2.0 Magazine about a startup company called SpotRunner that is betting big that small businesses would buy cheap TV ads with a little help:

You don’t often meet startup CEOs who introduce their new company’s focus with the self-effacing phrase “It’s an area that isn’t very sexy.” Instead they tell you, whether it’s true or not, that they’re about to change the world.

But Nick Grouf isn’t a guy who’s full of the standard startup braggadocio – though he ought to be. With two previous startups, Grouf and his partner, David Waxman, were pioneers of the Web 1.0 generation and made millions along the way. Now the two of them are at it again, this time attempting to revolutionize the television advertising business.

Maybe that doesn’t get some folks all hot and bothered, but it sounds pretty sexy to me. Read more


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3 responses to “30-second Ad Spots that Cost $50

  1. As a follow up, I just signed up for a free account at SpotRunner and I have to say this service is very, very impressive. The library of stock TV advertisements that you can use and customize for as little as $500, are of agency quality. And the site automates the process of selecting your target demographic, as well as providing a price estimate for the markets you want to run your ad campaign in. You can also have the campaign schedule fit a pre-determined budget. I love services that empower business owners and remove the mystery from seemingly audacious endeavors like advertising on television.

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  3. BillyJack

    We compared Spotrunner to the world’s first international internet-based TV ad agency Cheap-TV-Spots.com, which is Spotrunner’s largest direct competitor, and Spotzer, the EUs recent entry to the online ad field. Of these, Cheap-TV-Spots.com is the best deal. The air time costs less with CheapTVSpots.com because they don’t pad, and their high quality ads can air nationally as well as locally. Spotrunner does not seem to allow national airings of its look-alike ads or 60-second airings. Also, Spotrunner will sell the same ad to your competitor should you stop airing with them (which is the absolute antithesis of branding). Spotrunner also holds the ad and prevents you from airing with another agency, forcing you to buy Spotrunner’s more expensive air time (they even say they may add fees to their air time cost). It costs less for Cheap TV Spots to produce a custom ad with a national TV campaign than it could cost for Spotrunner to make a local canned ad with local air time. Cheap-TV-Spots also can provide a full web version of the ad for e-mail campaigns and web site posting. Another thing of note is whether an ad is memorable. Cheap-TV-Spots.com has won over 50 international awards for their original discount ads. That’s more awards than most agencies have clients.

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