Story-telling makes for effective marketing

Andrea Learned in writes:

As A Whole New Mind author Daniel Pink puts it, we have entered a new era: a less linear and more whole-mind/holistic “conceptual age.” As we live our personal lives with a better understanding of how interconnected everything is, our work as marketers should also be addressing that fact in the way consumers take in our messages.

In this more full-service, conceptual age, storytelling—in its many forms—is one of the most powerful tools for presenting the truths of your product, service, or brand. Whether a story is about the internal/corporate experience or the customer’s experience, it has the incredible ability to give context to the facts of daily life.

These much richer narratives, in turn, help brands more empathically interconnect with the buying minds of their customers. There is simply more for them to hold onto.

Let’s say your brand’s laptop has amazing amounts of memory and incredible processing speed, and it’s Wi-Fi ready and weighs less than a feather. That is all well and good, and makes for a nice bulleted list of features. Read more

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