Becoming Preferred in Your Marketplace

My friend Michael Vickers has started up his own blog and I'm looking forward to seeing it evolve. Michael is the best-selling author of Becoming Preferred and an incredible keynote speaker. We met a while back when I was looking for a sales seminar speaker at my last company and came across his name. He blew away the seasoned sales force who were prepared for a long, drawn out boring speaker. Instead, they got a highly engaging, humorous and seasoned sales veteran who spoke their language and asked the tough question, "What are you doing to make a difference in the lives of the people you serve?" The answer to this question helps you define your distinctive value that allows you to become preferred in your marketplace. One of the first steps is to improve your visibility - distribute valuable information, present seminars, write articles, start a blog - are just some of the tactics you can use. Read more

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  1. ..]The production of the average agent in terms of units and volume sold. By obtaining this information and comparing it with your own production units and volume, you will be able to contrast your performance against the other agents on your local board. This information will be useful in your effort to calculate your share of the market. It also helps you understand how you stack up against the other agents your prospective customer might be considering…]

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