Don’t Discount Sell Your Key Products

Puppy SaleCame across this post at Church of the Customer Blog who writes about the mistake many businesses make in discounting or bargain-selling their key products. To illustrate their point, they show a picture of a “Puppy Sale” at a pet store. By discounting products that deliver the greatest emotional connection or derived value by your customers, devalues those same products, as well as the rest of your line up. Instead, create an incentive for buyers that compliments your key product and delivers more added value to the customer. For example, rather than have a puppy sale, sell puppies at their normal price but accompany the purchase with a free bag of dog food or a gift certificate towards dog training classes – team up with a dog trainer who will endorse a $50 or $100 voucher at no cost to you; they’ll be ecstatic to gain access to your customers!

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