The Dark Side of Blogging

Darth VaderWe’ve all heard about the benefits of blogging: transparent communication, search engine rankings, community, etc. Michael A. Stelzner on Marketingprofs uncovers the darker side of blogging:

There’s no question that the blogosphere is on fire. As the flames spread faster than anyone could have imagined, a virtual state of pandemonium has resulted. Many businesses and individuals have leaped blindly into the blog pool. Countless bloggers have found the water a bit too chilly and have abandoned blogging altogether. Still others are barely keeping their heads above water as they grapple with the challenges of blogging.

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6 responses to “The Dark Side of Blogging

  1. Hi!

    One of the other dark sides of blogging is when someone takes everything you have written and posts it on their own blog.

    In this case, it would be more acceptable if you did not copy my entire article, but rather excerpt it, as it represents my hard work and is copyrighted.

    I thank you in advance for doing this.

    Michael Stelzner

  2. Hi Michael, I’ve adjusted the post to not include your full article but an excerpt. Please note, that multiple links and credits were already in place to your article. I’ve seen both practices on the blogs I read (include excerpts or full article with appropriate accreditation). No infringement was intended, whatsoever. Not my style. Thought you wrote a good article, and wanted to pass it on to my audience.

  3. Rajan,

    I see you are getting the typical comments…

    What you have provided is exactly what I am consulting my clients on the downside of blogging. Blogging is what blogging is and everyone makes blogging what they want it to be.

    The other deeper darker side of blogging is the millions who feel they need to post 12 to 15 blogs a day for the traffic needed to increase the chances of generating those almighty Pay-for-Hits ads that are saturating so many blog sites. The addition to attempting to make money online is more distructive than any of the overdoses of blogging for blogging’s sake.

    Keep the good stuff coming. Though I don’t comment, I am like the millions of others who are reading. Just wish more were reading my stuff.

  4. Thanks Businessgolf. I always enjoy your support for this blog!

  5. Rajan;

    Thanks for meeting my requests. I am okay with you even showing more of the article, just not the whole thing.


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