Leapfrogging Outdoor Ads Try to Get a Leg Up

The online travel business in India is really heating up. Don’t believe me? Check out this photo of some competitive outdoor advertising passed on to me from my cousin, Manik. It seems that Zoomtra is currently sitting at the top of the heap.

Outdoor advertising India


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12 responses to “Leapfrogging Outdoor Ads Try to Get a Leg Up

  1. Chris Hoskin

    lol that’s great.

    The sky’s the limit?

    chris @rawstylus.wordpress.com

  2. Very interesting post. May I link this post and post this picture to my blog? I am collecting interesting news on out of home media/ outdoor advertising in Singapore and around the world

  3. Thanx for Hittail link. Rgds Richard

  4. Hi April, sure go ahead. Cheers! Rajan

  5. Thanks Rajan. Do drop by my blog at http://1outdooradvertising.blogspot.com for some news bites on outdoor advertising news and works in Singapore and whatever I can collect from around the world 😉 See you.

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  8. Y G

    Im very sorry to say that this picture is a fake. Its been computer generated. This spot is at cadbury Jn in Mumbai. The bottom 2 billboards – Jet & Kingfisher are genuine. The top 2 sites DO NOT exist in reality. The imagery work is pretty evident.

  9. someone even made one with the railways and the bus service hoardings atop the first 2 🙂

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