Lyle’s Fight with ALS

Lyle Merner photo with EthanMy friend, Lyle Merner who has been suffering with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) for 18 months, and has done everything humanly possible to tame this awful disease. Even venturing out to China for painful treatment that did little to reverse his horrible ordeal. Unfortunately, his form of ALS has been very aggressive, and his health has deteriorated very quickly over the past six months. He is confined to a wheel chair, has no mobility in any of his extremities, and has almost no capacity to breath on his own. This is a very sad story of a truly wonderful and giving guy – a father, husband, brother, and son to others. A great friend to me.

I met Lyle back in 1997 when I first started working for The Portables – two young bucks with similar drive and energy, and a love for partying. We developed a great friendship over the next seven years that I worked there, and we’ve continued it since. It’s hard for me to see him in the state he is in and at a time where he should be in the prime of his life, enjoying his wonderfully supportive family, and little Ethan. Instead, this ugly disease has taken it away from him. I saw Lyle a couple of times over the past three weeks, and I can see that his wife Gabby and him have come to peace with the situation and the inevitable. They are, however, very determined to help raise awareness and funds for ALS. If you live in British Columbia, you may have caught Lyle in a feature story on Global TV News this morning. It will re-air at 11:00pm tonight. You can see an interview from September 7, 2006 here.

If you would like to support Lyle’s fight with ALS through a donation, please visit Lyle Merner’s Site 2007. His goal is to reach $15,000 of which 100% of the proceeds go to ALS research. You will also receive an immediate tax receipt from the ALS society.

You can also join thousands of others in the Walk for ALS. Click here for a Walk near you. I will be attending the Richmond Walk for ALS in Lyle’s hometown of Steveston on Saturday, June 9th. The Walk starts at Garry Point Park, with registration at 8:00am and the kick off at 10:00am. I encourage you to come out and show your support in helping to find a cause and cure for this disease – one that can inflict anyone at any time.

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One response to “Lyle’s Fight with ALS

  1. Hi.

    Here is a decent summary of the approach I am using to help people diagnosed with als to heal. I am sure I could write it better. I trust you will get the general idea.

    I see the degenerative condition commonly called als as generally being created in a way something like the following.

    -A person’s system is subject some kind of strain. This strain can have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

    -There is some kind of trauma to the system. This trauma can be a sports injury, a toxin such as a pestcide, spinal anesthesia, some emotional trauma or any other type of trauma.

    -The strain and trauma continue, building in a cyclical manner, and kind of crisis point is reached at which point the strained nerves or the person, you could say, respond to trauma by degenerating.

    Now the process has begun.

    The process continues because the strain continues, there is further trauma and possibly because the degeneration itself creates strain and trauma. Even the als diagnosis can be stressful, thus further straining the system and the person in general.

    This indicates the following approach to solving the problem.

    -Relieve strain or stress by using various types of methods including life management approaches, conflict resolution, emotional release techniques and other stress management techniques.

    -Reduce continued system trauma as practical by improving diet, adjusting lifelstyle factors and analysing and adjusting other possible sources of system trauma such as use of medication, exposure to industrial chemicals, exposure to pesticides or other sources of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma.

    -Use mind body approaches to change the response manifesting in the nervous system.

    So, essentially, the approach is to work this from all angles, improving the general state of the system, reducing the triggers that cause the degeneration and changing the response to the triggers. Just as the creation of the condition could be described as cyclical, the healing process is somewhat cyclical. Conflict resolution, for instance, relieves strain, reduces the incidence of trauma and is a behavioral response that will manifest in the nerves.

    All of this, if carefully done, is beneficial and essentially without any negative side effects. So there is really only upside to taking these steps.

    Please feel free to contact me for further details and information, clarification or to resolve any conflicts between your understanding of the condition commonly called als and what I have said here. I can be reached at 914-316-1288 or by email.

    All those experiencing the condition called als can heal themselves.


    Marty Murray

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