How to Use Myspace for Business

Myspace LogoAnita Campbell at Small Business Trends describes a good use of Myspace for small businesses targeting the 18-24 crowd. She cites Jim Cossler, the Chief Evangelist of the Youngstown Business Incubator who has found their Myspace page more successful in reaching this target audience than any other medium. Read more


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8 responses to “How to Use Myspace for Business

  1. Yeah, I tried to use MySpace, but it just didn’t work for me…

  2. Wonderful article! Mike Sandy’s book, I’m Finally in Business for Myself…Now What? really helped me decide to start a small business. Check it out at

  3. very nice post,
    i have made some extra cash with myspace as well. but the hype will come to an end

  4. Matthew

    Yeh, well, it’s professional at the very top but then it degrades as you scroll down to reveal shirtless middle aged men and rap music night clubs. Not a shining example of the content prescribed by small business marketing teams is it?

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  7. nice post~haha. myspace is a great marketing tool!

  8. doesn’t work for websites like mine. but it probably worked for other websites

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