The Future of YouTube? Ask a 17-Year Old

Want to know what the future of YouTube and Facebook is? Ask a 17-year old. Catherine Cook, the teen co-founder of growing site shared her vision of media and social networking, and believes the future of Internet programming and new media will spawn from the existing infrastructure of YouTube and Facebook. Good content will always be king, and as the net continues to mature, users want better filters and mediums to source that content. Read more

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One response to “The Future of YouTube? Ask a 17-Year Old

  1. I have always felt that today’s young people have the most drive in wanting to do business than any of the previous generations. Unfortunately, lack of experience is their weakness. The young people who will listen to and look for experience will be the people who will succeed with the new internet endevors. Just because what is being invented is a new technology and unheard of business modeling, the problems with doing any business will be the same as the problems that have been going on for years. Experience is what gets unexperienced through it all.

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