Questionable Ad Placement


When Yahoo! was booking their baseball stadium billboard ad, I don’t think this is what they quite had in mind. I hope they weren’t charged premium placement pricing. Click here for 14 other unfortunately placed ads.

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One response to “Questionable Ad Placement

  1. Hey Rajan –

    I would normally agree with you on this. However, that billboard happens to be in Center Field of AT&T park where Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants play.

    In case you don’t follow the game, Bonds (on Saturday) tied the all-time Home-Runs record held by Hank Aaron. He is set to break the record in his next home series. With all of this going on, that Yahoo! sign has seen quite a bit of exposure as of late. Just think, his next home-run, the one that everyone will see, could land just over that sign. If that happens the world will see it… a photo might even appear in the Baseball Hall of Fame for future generations to see.

    Might not be a bad buy after all.

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