If it’s a Viral Ad, You’ll Watch it

According to Church of the Customer Blog, 57 million Americans watch online videos daily. That’s not the interesting part. The fact that commercials was in the top five types of videos being watched by American adults is. 13% report they have downloaded or watched a video ad. I’m not American, but I’m a Canadian who has participated in this activity often. Some of the best ads I’ve seen have been sent to me through friends and colleagues, or found on blogs I follow. I in turn, have passed it on to others. This ‘viral’ behavior has given many sites and commercials cult status, while also launching careers. See Russell Peters. As the COTCB says, marketers have the dubious task of also trying to become video producers churning out hit after hit. Read more

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One response to “If it’s a Viral Ad, You’ll Watch it

  1. This is great. I placed my first marketing video on my website as well as YouTube and Google two months ago. For July, I received 563,000 hits. Incredible.

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