New iMac is Stunning

iMacThe new iMac was launched today. Apple keeps pushing the envelope on design, power and functionality to extraordinary heights. I can’t imagine what Sony, Dell and HP feel like every time Apple launches or re-launches a product. BTW, what gives with Sony? A brand that was synonymous with high quality, innovative technology worthy of bragging rights while I was growing up – Sony Walkman, Sony Television, Sony Camcorder – is now the latest poster boy for getting too fat and full of itself. The iPod and Wii are two tough reminders of everything that is wrong at Sony.


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6 responses to “New iMac is Stunning

  1. devin

    i don’t like it. it looks like a dell. those are dell’s colors. why would they do that?

  2. Devin, I’m quite smitten with the new iMac and I don’t think looks anything like a Dell. The brushed aluminum and glass materials give it a very high-end look and feel, and the industrial design is magnificently elegant.

  3. Since when does Dell own black, white, and grey color schemes? Apple has been using the same colors for years. See:

    I’m with Rajan on this one, it looks great. Apple continues to push the design envelope.

  4. As always it looks great – but still doesn’t do what I need it to – i.e. run the software that makes me productive.

  5. John, what software would that be? Are you referring to Windows-based programs. With Parallel (, you can run the Windows environment on your new Mac without rebooting and with no sacrifice in performance.

  6. Manik Khanna

    Apple and Dell: there is a slight difference 😛

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