Ooma Promises Free Phone Calls Anywhere in the US

Ooma Phone

Running a small business is getting cheaper every day, thanks to free and affordable SaaS and Google tools. Now you can make phone calls across the US for free (if you reside in the US) through your regular phone and international calls at Skype rates. That’s FREE, forever! The only cost is a one-time purchase of the “hub” at $399 and optional “scouts” for $40 each. Techcrunch reports that the hotly anticipated Ooma was made available for pre-order sales as of 6AM PST today. They’ve tested it and say the quality is good. If you are based in the US and are interested in obtaining an Ooma unit for yourself, call 866.452.6662. Can’t wait until till it becomes available in Canada… same goes with the iPhone. Is it me or do Canadians always seem to get screwed? Find out how Ooma can do what they do by reading here.


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2 responses to “Ooma Promises Free Phone Calls Anywhere in the US

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  2. That’s what makes the Ooma so interesting is because of the P2P component.

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