BarCamp Vancouver, Pretty in Pink

Barcamp 2007 Vancouver

Went to BarCamp Vancouver 2007 on Saturday which was held at a cool venue called Workspace in Gastown. What a truly great event! The first one I’ve attended (I did go to Northern Voice earlier in the year which is a much bigger, annual version). This un-conference had such a great vibe to it, unlike any other conference I’ve been too… any I’ve been to many. The agenda for the day came together in a 10-minute, slightly chaotic preamble where people who had a topic to discuss, posted it up on a giant timetable sheet pasted up on a wall. Rooms and times were allocated and then the sessions began. Two topics that stood out for me were “Hacking the iPhone in Canada” and “Fighting Complexity with Video”, which was conducted by Lee LeFever of Common Craft. He and his wife have developed a series of short videos that take topics such as social bookmarking and simplify it for the mass consumption. There approach is quick and witty with a purposeful home-made feel. They’ve launched there videos on and YouTube and are getting a ton of traffic, and are now producing similar videos for clients. He also mentioned a site called that’s currently in beta. The site allows you to upload your videos and add subtitles to it that are translated in many languages. Now your videos can reach a much broader audience that includes non-english speaking and the hearing-impaired.

Lots of great knowledge at BarCamp to consume. I highly recommend you coming out for the next one in Vancouver or one in your area (for a listing of BarCamps around the world, click here). And don’t worry, not every BarCamp will have you wearing fuscia-coloured shirts.

See BarCamp Vancouver 07 photos


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