Canucks New Uniforms Are Good, Not Great


Just returned from the unveiling of the new Vancouver Canucks hockey jersey at GM Place. Free hot dogs and drinks for anyone willing to stand in the gigantic line. No way. Got inside, took in the pre-show, enjoyed the hype video and then the moment of truth… team captain Markus Naslund skated out with the new uniform. What do I think? What do you think? I love the colours. I like the overall cut of the uniforms, very sleek. But, I’m having a problem with the “Vancouver” wordmark in combination with the Whale logo – seems way too cluttered. Each is quite strong on its own, together they seem to be fighting one another. Also, having a horizontal border along the bottom of the shirt which now is cut similar to a dress shirt (tapers up the side seams), seems just wrong. Overall, don’t love it, but don’t hate it. I’m a Canucks fan, so I’ll live with whatever they come out with, but I’m surprised there wasn’t a little more forethought in the overall design. Here are some pics from the event. By the way, very well attended on a spectacular sunny day. A lot of fans in this city, that’s for sure.

canucks_a.jpg Canucks fans Dave Nonis Willie Mitchell Canucks Players Kevin Bieksa


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3 responses to “Canucks New Uniforms Are Good, Not Great

  1. Chris

    Good comments and very true. They really did not have a designer on this one, as the logo/Vancouver do compete, and the straight lines do not match the cut of the jersey. All the other “new” NHL jerseys that are working with the new Reebok uniforms seem to have been more thought out.

  2. Mike

    chris seems to be true on this as he said the straight lines do not match the cut of the jersey…..might he tried something else 🙂


  3. Agreed, the colors are nice. I guess my first reaction is it IS an improvement over the previous generation, but still a bit kindergartenish.

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