Backlink Watch Reveals Links to Your Site

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A neat site I’ve come across called Backlink Watch. Type in your site or blog URL, and it will give you a list of all sites linking back to yours. Back-linking is one of the primary influencers on search page rankings in Google. Check it out and see how your site stacks up.


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9 responses to “Backlink Watch Reveals Links to Your Site

  1. wensonlinebusiness

    Apparently my backlink log didn’t score well at all. Remaining backlinks to be processed 199. Interesting concept the backlinks that showed up came from Sirlook forums. Any suggestions how to improve backlinks would be great.


  2. Hi Wendy, there are a few ways to increase backlinks to your blog. One of the first things you can do is read and leave a comment on other blogs with a link back to your site in the URL field. Just ensure your comments are a genuine contribution to the conversation and not just to increase your links. The other is to get active in forums, blog communities like Blog Catalog and MyBlogLog. And the best way always is to write great content. Great content will always find an audience online. Cheers!

  3. hi,

    thanks for the backlink tools.

    getting backlink is not a secret but most of us having trouble to get it done continuously. so much work but most of them are free. if we could just put more work into it we could be better than 90% out there.

  4. hi i checked it i must say i want to visit this blog again in future , with more . …………………………

  5. Very interesting website. I takes a while for the process to run but it certainly gives some useful information. Thanks!

  6. backlink watch is a really very fine tool. i have fling dating site i got many backlinks for this domain but i hadn’t any idea that how i could check my backlinks but this tool really helped me to check my backlinks stats and now i am really very happy with this…thank you very much for this tool and i would say please introduce some other related tools!

  7. This information was very useful as a website. Thank you very much. Carry on the work.

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