Yahoo! Acquires Zimbra, Direct Response to Google

Zimbra LogoYahoo! has announced it is buying popular popular SaaS email product Zimbra for $350 million. Zimbra is a great compliment to Yahoo’s personal email software. Zimbra, which is targeted to small-to-medium size businesses, provides email and calendar services very similar to Microsoft Outlook (with a VERY similar look and feel). The difference is the service is delivered online rather than from your desktop, and costs $28 per user. This acquisition is the most recent response to the war waging between Yahoo! and Google. Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs have had many online users and businesses switching over to the G-spot… including me. Yahoo! has had to quickly outgrow its roots as a portal and personal email service, to offering services compelling to business operators. This fierce competition can only mean good things for the online user, with more and more software coming online and being offered for free or at very affordable rates.

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