Letterman Blitzes Paris

I’ll admit first that I AM NOT a Paris Hilton fan. It’s probably why I took extra joy in watching David Letterman tear her up in a way only Dave can while flying back home on WestJet Friday night. Why don’t more media types quit sucking up to her and expose her for the irresponsible, fame-hungry dimwit she is. I thought her 15 minutes of fame would have been up by now. Geesh. Good on you, Dave!

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One response to “Letterman Blitzes Paris

  1. The one reason she is still around is because she represents a LOT of MONEY in LA… I am sure her parents PR machine would shred anyone who did not suck up to their interest….Paris has no other career but the media so her PR firm does not want to miss out on making their living from making her a star in someone’s eyes. If Dave was going to make a difference he needed to level both barrels on the PR Firm representing Paris..they don’t want that kind of negative publicity and would drop her quickly.

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