Web Hosting at Home: Pros and Cons

Great article written by Zvi Grauer who weighs the pros and cons of hosting your servers in-house (home or office) versus outsourcing to a web hosting provider. Many startups and small-to-medium size businesses host their servers in-house for convenience, costs and control. What they give up is security, bandwidth performance and a redundant environment to ensure uptime. As more businesses have become reliant on their IT infrastructure to sell goods, communicate with clients, and run their support systems, it could be disastrous and crippling to your business if that infrastructure isn’t rock-solid.

Quite a few of us have an idea or a personal project worth sharing with the world through hosting on the Web. Most of us also have an older computer which is either collecting dust in the closet/attic/garage, or is in a lonely corner, waiting for someone to use it, while the family flocks to the shiny new laptop or desktop in the study. That is especially true of IT professionals, programmers and administrators. Wouldn’t it be great to put that old computer to work, hosting our personal web site? Read more


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2 responses to “Web Hosting at Home: Pros and Cons

  1. Good article! Hosting at home is going to become a big thing as more and more people get high-speed internet in their homes.

  2. Once you get your web site rolling, hosting inevitably becomes an issue. Most small business owners are shocked when they reach the limits of their free or cheap hosting service.

    At home hosting is a great option and you make the points very well. I covered other options in a recent post on my blog but forgot to mention this one.


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