See What a Google Adsense Millionaire Looks Like

We just launched our second customer story video which profile’s local wonder kid, Markus Frind, founder of the No. 1 free online dating site, Markus started a homegrown programming project to learn .asp and later morphed it into POF. The site now averages 1.4 million visitors daily and millions of dollars in revenue thanks to the Google ads he runs on the site. This is an extraordinary story of a one-man operation who is now taking on the likes of Lavalife and head on. Watch here


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10 responses to “See What a Google Adsense Millionaire Looks Like

  1. Looks like he really knows what he’s doing! We all could put his tips to use.

  2. They know a lot. But they are still control by Google. If one day Google banned them, they will be in the bad lifetime.

  3. yea it is really good imagination for new webmasters. I also got few points from this video…thanks!

  4. Wish they would get rid of all the escorts on this site. That and the cliques with schoolyard mentality

  5. I love this!

    Keep collecting those checks guys….There’s plenty of fish out there….Apparently. 🙂

  6. Loved the video! It’s hard to believe that one guy is running that site… of course, he’s got a little help from you guys too. : )

    All of his income is from Adsense? Just goes to show what you can do with a great website and lots of traffic.


  7. I would be ecstatic once I start making even $200/month. I’ll feel like a millionaire then:)
    I love Frind’s story.

  8. yeah indeed another inspiration to look up to

  9. There is another up and coming website that will soon be challenging Plenty of Fish. This site is called UStillUp and is located at It’s a late night chat, dating and online social networking site.

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