Vonage Proves People are Switching to VoIP

Here’s another Customer Story video we released on Vonage and their cool and practical V-Phone. We filmed this at their location in Mississauga, ON this past Fall. Andrew Peart, Manager of Network Services for the company talks about the explosive growth of their broadband telephone services (VoIP) and the over 2 million subscriber lines they currently have… a strong indication of the increasing number of consumers who are willing to replace their traditional phone services with affordable and flexible VoIP technology.


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4 responses to “Vonage Proves People are Switching to VoIP

  1. VOIP services are great – I haven’t found a service provider for residential yet. Perhaps Vonage has gained more popularity in the past year.

    I had VOIP installed in a non-profit that I was working with, awesome service. Just one caution, you have to have a very good service provider for the internet.


  2. Hi Mari-Lyn, Vonage is geared primarily towards residential users. You may want to check out their site at http://www.vonage.com for more info. Cheers!

  3. VOIP is a great service for residential as well as business. The best part about it is it saves “us” (business owners) money! Nice post.

  4. Nicky Phillips

    Vonage Home Service is good for a college student living in a room to hook up to the computer, or a person who just wants a phone in one room, but otherwise, Vonage is not a good home service and their Customer Service is even worse. Every time I called I was bullied by their agents into purchasing their phone service when I was just inquiring. And most of all, I became very disgusted when the reps did not speak fluent English with heavy accents, kept going over and over what they already iterated, and got snobish every time I informed them of my decision to not get the service. My politely ended my call by saying, “Thank God, I did not sign up with Vonage!” Imagine if I had billing problems, incredible.

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