Indian Tata to Acquire Jaguar and Landrover Brands

Jaguar S-TypeA lot of public skepticism and resistance has plagued the potential acquisition of luxury brands Jaguar and Landrover by India-based mega brand Tata. Looks like the deal is no longer a potential but a certain. According to MarketWatch, Ford will announce the sale of both brands to Tata on Wednesday. It will be very interesting to see how the deal is embraced by employees and more importantly, car enthusiasts. The big question being, will the public accept an India-based company as the people behind these once iconic gems of British royalty, and feel the same intrinsic prestige and confidence in quality associated with them. My personal opinion is that it can’t be any worse than the way both brands have lagged under Ford ownership. Tata is a huge brand in India with lots of money behind it and an ownership with kahunas, who would like nothing better to do than to prove the naysayers wrong. I think North America will be its most difficult market. Building the brands back up in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia likely makes more sense, than build some momentum and credibility to re-establish the brands in the US and Canada. India in general is making a bigger play on the global market, and nothing changes perception faster than success.


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2 responses to “Indian Tata to Acquire Jaguar and Landrover Brands

  1. hurzeler philippe

    j’ai ete l’heureux possesseur de deux jaguars. Tout ce que l’on peux dire c’est qu’il est particulierement difficile de conduire d’autre vehicule apres…ce sont des tres voitures dignes et qui releve d’un certaine art de vivre…conduire une Jaguar ce n’est pas conduire n’importe qu’elle voiture…c’est conduire un vehicule a la fois elegant et puissant tout en restant docile…un felin, (le Jaguar) apprivoiser…en quelque sorte. ceux qui ont eux las chance d’en podsseder une me comprendront…
    Malheureusement habitant en Inde actuellement ce n’est pas forcement le genre de vehicule adapter…helas 3x helas!!! Une Range Rover est plus appropriee… mais une Range n’est pas une Jag…

    un admirateur suisse roman, vinamt dans le Tamil Nadu..depuis 4 ans!!!

  2. Rishikant Patel

    The Jaguar S-Type is a very glamorous model. I hope they design a cheaper similar car to the Nano.

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