Microsoft Motivational Video… Cringe!

Microsoft takes the cringe factor to a whole new level. Check out this motivational video for their sales department to pump them up to sell Vista. Maybe there is some truth to those Apple MAC commercials after all


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3 responses to “Microsoft Motivational Video… Cringe!

  1. wow, pretty geeky 🙂
    I like that stuff!

  2. Rob

    Could be that they need pumping up. I for one am not rushing into the fold just yet.

    I seem to remember that XP wasn’t really the product we all needed until about service pack 2, so perhaps it will mature around about then.

    There again, for presentation, Apple does take the high ground:-)

  3. Hey, love your site. I recently made a YouTube video with motivational / famous quotes. It can be found here,

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