Green Branding Works for Printer Cartridge Company

My friend Dave McConachie runs a small business called Digitech. They specialize in Renewable Printer Cartridges. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to develop Dave’s branding strategy for Digitech when he took it over the company a couple of years back. Dave was already passionate about the environment and as I learned more about his business over several coffee and lunch meetings on Commercial Drive, together we decided that Digitech would differentiate itself from the competition by taking a very strong, environmentally-responsible stance in the products it produced and in the way they produced them, going as far as delivering the printer cartridges in hybrid vehicles! By running his business this way, he was helping his customers be environmentally responsible by just using Digitech’s products and services. His message is catching on; his company was recently featured on Get Connected which you can watch here.

I love what Dave has done with his company, and the success he is having in standing out from the rest in his industry. What makes this work is the branding strategy is authentic because it aligns with Dave’s passion and beliefs and customers see that at every point of contact. Great work Dave!


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2 responses to “Green Branding Works for Printer Cartridge Company

  1. Great to see that I can now start getting more green products. I hope we can reach a day when all products are green products.
    Maybe I should have a panel about this at my science fiction convention?
    Science fiction, Anime, Gaming Convention
    in Jacksonville Florida.

  2. Jim

    Glad the world is hopefully becoming around to the green ways. We try to do what we can in our business by reusing printers cartridges and have them rebuilt instead of being tossed out. Good going Dave!

    Printer supplies, laser, toner, inkjet, cartridges

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