Telly Awards for Our Online Videos

PEER 1 Receives Four Telly AwardsIn past posts, I’ve profiled some of the online video work we’ve been doing at PEER 1 to promote the company’s web hosting services. A press release went out yesterday to announce that two of our videos, Growing Pains and Customer Story received four Telly Awards for originality and creativity. We’ve had a lot of fun putting these videos together and it’s nice to see them get some recognition. Special thanks go out to Talkie21 Studios and OnDemand Production for their excellent work on these projects.

Videos Below:


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4 responses to “Telly Awards for Our Online Videos

  1. nice vids. I hadn’t seen them before now. Just out of curiosity, what kind of traffic did they help produce?

  2. Thanks Nate. The first episode of Growing Pains has received 100,000+ views on Viddler, YouTube, DailyMotion, and our web site.

  3. ProVid

    Everyone in Video and Media knows the “TELLY AWARDS” is nothing more than a purchased award.
    Something to “BRAG ABOUT” and fool your clients with. Enter your video, they say you won, you buy your trophy for $150 bucks. It makes me sick.

  4. ProFilm

    Pretty sure the Tellys didn’t give out more than 14,000 awards this year, which was the number of entries. đŸ™‚

    And the award statuettes aren’t cheap to produce – the Tellys are manufactured by the same company that makes the Emmy and Oscar statuettes. The cost to produce one Oscar this year? 500 bucks. And you’ll pay for duplicate awards. The Telly awards aren’t televised so it’s not like they’re covering the cost of admin and statuette production from advertising revenue.

    Then consider a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: you have to be nominated and the price tag?

    $25,000. Ouch.

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