New iPhone Comes to Canada… Finally

The new and faster Apple iPhone 3G will be available in Canada through Rogers and Fido beginning July 11th. The data plan pricing hasn’t been revealed but the price of the phone will be the same as in the US, $199 for the eight-gigabyte version and $299 for the 16-gigabyte version. I’m one of the few who has the now old iPhone unhacked, so I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the new one and actually make a phone call from it. Read story


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5 responses to “New iPhone Comes to Canada… Finally

  1. Reasons why you should buy the new iPhone

    iPhone iPod feature

    The iPhone is not only a mobile phone. No no. When you buy an iPhone you will also get an iPod! This iPod function is very nice because of the big screen. You can play music as well as video.

    iPhone visual voicemail feature

    The iPhone also has a very nice voicemail function. It’s a so called visual voicemail. With the visual voicemail you can go directly to any message. You don’t have to listen to the other messages first. I think this is a very nice iPhone feature. Now you don’t have to waste any time by listening to other messages…

    iPhone internet feature

    The iPhone features a HTML email client and the best mobile browser, Safari. You can easily synchronize bookmarks from your Mac or PC.

    iPhone Google maps feature

    With Google maps and the maps application from the iPhone you can view maps and satellite images. You can also go directly to traffic information. A nice feature nowadays…

    There are a lot more iPhone features but the four I mentioned are a few reasons why I will by the iPhone. I also like the touch function. No more buttons to press…

    Another thing I like are it’s looks. It has a nice 3.5 screen. I only think that the iPhone is rather big. I don’t think it will fit in pocket anymore.. But with such a nice looking phone I’m not embarrassed to show it to the world!

  2. Simon Tonekham

    It’s finally coming together. I stumbled upon Rogers’ website about a new device that is coming on July 11th. We already know what it is though…lol
    anyways, read my perspective:

  3. I realize there are a lot of great features on the iPhone but the four you mentioned is the reason why I am getting the iPhone also.

  4. to me, the iPhone is a must have in my line of work. The only drawback as I can see it, is the price and telecommunication restrictions deployed by the Australian communications industry, which are by and large, stupid to say the least.

    Having stated this I must say, I’m still getting one, lol.

  5. Great phone. 16 GB space is amazing!

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