Store Your Important Files on Online Storage

Another cool online tool for small businesses. lets you seamlessly store files online from your desktop through your Firefox browser (with the plugin), and then share them. The service is very cheap starting at $10 per gigabyte per year. If you have ever had your computer crash, you know how painful losing important files and data can be. Online storage is the best way to protect yourself and to ensure your files are always there and available, no matter what happens to your hardware.


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5 responses to “Store Your Important Files on Online Storage

  1. Thanks for the link. One of my biggest fears is losing all my important files and data. Having one place to store it will ease my mind.

  2. Ann

    For all online backup, file sharing and storage related info, I recommend this website:

  3. I personally wouldn’t use something like this. It doesn’t hold excess value. For something safe and secure and also gives me a value add, i would use something like Deskaway – its Project Management + Process Management + Online repository. So if i upload a file, the file has a purpose on the tool. It is geared towards a milestone. For productivity at work – its great. For personal backups – i have DVD’s – and a 2TB HDD 😛

  4. My buddy just had his computer crash yesterday and he lost everything. I am glad I backed mine up but need to look into this service.

  5. Thanks for the lovely post. Love the idea

    On another note,I have been using a great free internet connection from which works in the UK United Kingdom England. It was free of charge, fast, secure and very stable. Just by using my normal ordinary modem i managed to install it fast and easy. Great service, no fees and no extra charges. A very happy client ! They also provide superb support! Thank you.

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